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Auto Collision Repair

At Avis Auto body, we believe it is our mission to make sure every client is a 100% satisfied with their Avis experience.

Auto Collision Repair

It’s not every day you get in a collision, and because of that being in a collision is an extremely stressful experience.We know it can be tough and nerve wrecking which is why our staff will always try to provide you with as much support, help and details as possible. At Avis Auto Body we take each client on a case by case situation to ensure that it is a one stop destination for all your vehicle needs.

Here we are staffed with completely prepared and experienced employees, who are well diversified in multiple fields such as painting, dent removal, and any other damages your vehicle may have. Our experts and cutting-edge technology will take your vehicle back to the best condition it deserves. Our team of professionals are always willing to put the vehicle’s needs first in order to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Our range of services extend from small cars to trucks and anything in between ​